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Are you looking for a budget-saving event with a wide reach and a chance to attract residents who don't normally attend? Schedule a Car CARE event near your main entrance. It doesn't have to cost you a dime - partner with a local car repair shop and offer the chance to publicize their shop and hand out coupons in exchange for performing basic, inexpensive car maintenance for your residents during the event. You can also engage friends, fellow residents, or members of your church who are good with cars to come out and help with basic car services.

Things you could offer include:

  • Check the battery and fluid levels.
  • Check the air pressure on tires and air up as needed.
  • Wash their windshields.
  • Vacuum out the interior of their car.
  • Provide Armor All wipes so that residents can clean their dashboards and consoles.
  • Engage your church youth group to hold a free car wash.
  • Hold a drawing for a free car detail or other a gift card toward the car repair shop.
  • Provide snacks (consider asking a local vendor to donate those as well).
  • Hand out flyers promoting your next event.

Flyers You can choose between two different options for flyers:

(1) a color, full-page flyer

(2) a color, half-page flyer


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